My father told me how to dye with the nature

“My father told me how to dye with the nature. I collect natural plants during summer and spring from the mountains close by our village. I mostly do it during summer, because we need sun to dry the colored wool collected from our own sheep”, sais Sufi Haleem.

His wife Belqis and two daughters are weaving kilims most of their time and also doing beautiful hand embroidery. Both daughters are already preparing their dowry. Entire winter, when the agriculture land and pastures are covered with snow, they weave inside home, while in summer they continue to weave on harvest field under the tent called “ghazdi”.

“My husband was farmer when I met him and I gained the skill of kilim weaving from my mum. Now I continue weaving with my two daughters. It is always a great feeling. We all chat, sing and tell stories while weaving. I am worried of the time when both of my daughters will be married and leave our home. I will be left to weave kilims on my own. But I will never stop weaving and of course we will stretch our legs according to the length of our kilim, says Belqis.” (= we will spend based on our income; Afghan proverb)