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133×164 cm

100 % sheep wool, combination of colors, handwoven, hand-knotted and embroidered

Daizangi is a great piece of true art. A vivacious palette of lively accents characterises this charming daizangi kilim and the main field features an abstract motif that recalls a cat’s eye. Multiple weaving techniques are incorporated in this lovely rug. A background is made with weft wrapping with design elements in knotted pile.

The unusual geometric pattern and lively colors of this kilim render it quite versatile, suitable for living spaces with either contemporary design elements or more distinctive ethnic décor.

The Daizangi is Hazara tribe from western Afghanistan. This beautiful piece has been woven by 65-years old women Zarmina for more than 4 months in Karukh district in Badgis province.