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100×196 cm

sheep wool on cotton warp, cambination of colors, handwoven

Dunes Blue & Red carpet was woven by Berber woman Fatima. I looked at her hands as she made ripples on a similar carpet according to her imagination and marvelled at her patience. Dozens of hours of work, precision craftsmanship, along with the fine fibers of local sheep wool, represent the highlight of local women’s art. Colors and symbols are definitely not chosen at random. They reflect the mountains and landscape of the High Atlas Mountains, where the carpet comes from, as well as the ideas of the weaver. You can use both sides of the rug. Bright palette with predominant blue and red colors will brighten up your favorite corner.

Our carpets are carefully hand-knotted and handwoven. Each piece from the Moroccan collection is completely unique, it bears the individual self-expression of the weaver and the weaving tradition of the Amazigh (Berber) tribes from the Atlas Mountains. Thanks to manual processing, you can notice minor imperfections. We think it only adds to their character and charm.