Hanbel Natural


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90×155 cm

100 % natural sheep wool, combined dyes, handwoven

In the village at the foot of the High Atlas, where we arrived by a dirt road, washed rugs are drying on the sunny slopes. Inside the local houses, we watch the weavers’ hands dance along the warp. Their skill fascinates us. Here I am selecting for you finely woven rugs in neutral tones, which will gracefully float into your interior and complement the other solitaires in the room.

This hanbel made of undyed wool is decorated with fine decorations in a brown-grey combination.

Each piece is completely unique, bearing the individual self-expression of the weavers and the weaving traditions of the Amazigh (Berber) tribes from the Atlas Mountains. Due to manual processing, you may notice minor imperfections. We think it just adds to their character and charm.