Polštář BERBER IV.


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50×53 cm

Sheep wool and linen with zipper, combination of colors, handwoven and embroidered

With our pillow, you will bring home a timeless accessory and unique handmade work. A piece that completes your rest area and maybe opens the door to fantasy and dreaming.

The woven wool base with fine Berber embroidery forms the front part of the decorative pillow. The back is complemented by linen fabric and a hidden zipper. Pillow was precisely sewn and finished by my colleague Juliana here in the Czech Republic.

Each piece is completely unique, it bears the individual self-expression of the weaver and the weaving tradition of the Amazigh tribes (Berbers) from the Atlas Mountains. Thanks to manual processing, you can notice minor imperfections. We think it only adds to their character and charm.