Zanafi Zigzag Vintage


23 000 

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154×240 cm

100% sheep uncoloured wool, handwoven and embroidered

The precisely woven Zanafi Zigzag rug made of undyed sheep’s wool reflects Berber symbolism and creates subtle geometric patterns from it. Woven borders and longer fringes, left on only one side, as is typical of traditional Moroccan rugs, add a decorative touch. The woven small sections of rusty wool around the edges are also effective. Zanafi Zigzag vintage will decorate your home!

Our carpets are carefully hand-knotted and handknotted. Each piece from the Moroccan collection is completely unique, it bears the individual self-expression of the weaver and the weaving tradition of the Amazigh (Berber) tribes from the Atlas Mountains. Thanks to manual processing, you can notice minor imperfections. We think it only adds to their character and charm.