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40×65 cm

sheep’s wool on a cotton warp, a combination of dyes, handwoven and sewn

polyester filling

With our pillow, you bring home a timeless accessory and a unique author’s creation. A piece that completes your relaxation corner and perhaps opens the door to fantasy and dreaming.

The woolen backcloth with typical geometric ornaments was woven by skilled weavers in a cooperative in the High Atlas in Morocco. The cushions were then sewn and shaped by hand by my colleague Juliene into two desired dimensions, which can be combined very well. This accessory makes a great duo with our zanafi rugs. We offer the pillow including the filling.

Each piece is completely unique, bearing the individual self-expression of the weavers and the weaving traditions of the Amazigh (Berber) tribes from the Atlas Mountains. Due to manual processing, you may notice minor imperfections. We think it just adds to their character and charm.