Our story

MAIMANA is here for customers who look for the story, craft and authenticity behind the products.

The idea was born in 2014, when we were working for a Czech NGO in northern Afghanistan. Our aim was to help local farmers stand on their own two feet and after years of fighting to live a normal life again. While travelling through the villages and talking to the local people, I came to discover the variety of handicrafts and traditions that are preserved inside the local communities, tribes and families for centuries.

I wanted the magic of the centuries-old art to be enjoyed even by those who can’t get to Afghanistan.

I wanted to encourage local women to receive a fair reward for their hard work.

And I wanted to connect the world of this distant hard-pressed but beautiful country with our lives in the heart of Europe.

So I personally select and import the most beautiful hand-woven carpets and kilims for you.

Unique story is woven into each of the carpet. You can create the next episode.

Yours, Tereza