Our story

“Unfold your rug so I can see what is written in your heart.” (Old Turkmen proverb)

The story of Maimana started  in the villages below Hindu Kush mountains.

Local women hosted me in their homes with tea and homemade bread. In the beautifully decorated guest rooms, I was surrounded by unique carpets and embroidery. On the doorstep, I watched the hands of skilled weavers as they “danced” on home-made looms.

Under these impressions, Maimana was born, with its name inspired by the ancient Afghan city.

Each of our products is personally selected in Afghanistan and now also in Morocco, in its place of origin. It bears the authentic story of the weaver, the legacy of centuries of tradition and rich symbolism. Pay tribute to unrepeatable handicrafts and allow it to co-create your unique home.

A story is woven into each of our rugs. You can create its next episode.