24 000 

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146×210 cm

100% sheep wool, flatwoven, hand-knotted, embroidered

I handpicked this Glaoui rug for you in the High Atlas area around Ouarzazate town. You can recognize these nomad rugs by combination of three techniques used to make them and fringes left on sides. Glaoui method combines flat weaving, hand-knotting and several types of embroidery. Result is incredible detail and distinctive texture which it is famous for.

The Glaoui rug will delight you with its soothing pastel color palette and unique Berber symbolism. Peaks of local mountains, clear mountain springs and even local snakes will appear to the attentive eye. This carpet stands out beautifully on the wooden floor.

Our carpets are carefully hand-knotted. Each piece from the Moroccan collection is completely unique, it bears the individual self-expression of the weaver and the weaving tradition of the Amazigh (Berber) tribes from the Atlas Mountains. Thanks to manual processing, you can notice minor imperfections. We think it only adds to their character and charm.