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150×194 cm

viscose fiber on cotton base, combination of dyes, hand-embroidered

Suzani, whose name comes from the Persian ‘suzan’ – ‘needle’, are decorative hand-embroidered textiles. They have decorated the yurts and dwellings of nomadic tribes in Central Asia for centuries. A symbolic meaning is also associated with them. They are often embroidered together by mother and daughter as part of a dowry and are composed of motifs symbolizing happiness, abundance, fertility and the common bond of both families.

Today you can see them in homes across continents. Hanging on the wall, it beautifully decorates the dining room, bedroom and living room. They also look great as decorative throws over the bed.

Suzanis are finely embroidered with viscose fiber, which shines beautifully on a cotton base. They are composed of three parts. Flowers in two shades of blue combined with green leaves are embroidered into this piece.