Runner Beni Mrirt Mottled


11 000 

In stock

80×306 cm

100 % sheep wool, combined dyes, hand-knotted

Beni Mrirt is a master in inhabiting a space, to which it adds a new texture and comfort of natural fibers. It will provide you with a soft refuge, it will caress your feet (not only) during the first steps in the morning. It will help you create an cosy atmosphere at home. It will become a partner that caresses, muffles your steps and delights with its two-sided use. The runner will decorate the hallway, the kitchen area as well as the children’s room.

Beni Mrirt Mottled will delight you with its bushy texture and abstract expressive drawing that evokes pleasant emotions.

I have personally selected this rug for you from skilled weavers from villages in the High Atlas. Each piece is completely unique, bearing the individual self-expression of the weavers and the weaving traditions of the Amazigh (Berber) tribes from the Atlas Mountains. Due to manual processing, you may notice minor imperfections. We think it just adds to their character and charm.