Maimana is here for you!

Hurray! After one year of preparations our dream has come true!

We sought out connections with remote parts of Afghanistan. We were looking for local families that follow old traditions. We found places where women can spin, weave and knot wool into extraordinary designs in natural colours. We discovered true tribal art inspired by nature.

And now we want to share our discoveries with you!

Maimana brings exceptional pieces of handicrafts to your home or office. In the coming months, we will introduce you to different parts of the Afghan countryside, starting from Maimana–Faryab province and the villages of Herat, treasures of Bamyan, Nuristan etc. and its special woollen art products. We hope that you will find your piece among them.

We want to tell you the story about another Afghanistan, not the one you usually hear about in the news. In our blog, we will write about a country full of tribal arts, traditional and slowly forgotten skills, warm people and local hospitality.

At the same time, we will present you with ideas of contemporary design and the multipurpose uses of our products. We will also explain the differences between kilims and rugs and give you many practical tips about how to use our products.

Maimana has one more goal: to support weaving families and help them to stabilize their income, which is otherwise dependent on subsistence farming on the foothills of the Hindu Kush.

We believe that you will like our products and that your purchase will make a positive change in the lives of families that weave for Maimana.

Once we start meeting this goal, we will bring you evidence of it.

We look forward to meeting you personally in Prague or over e-mail. We are curious about your opinions. We want to fulfil your wishes.

Your Maimana team